How much gold and silver should I purchase?

How much gold and silver should I purchase?

coins questionmark gold manipulationWe get this question a bit. But as we’re not financial advisors it’s not our role to tell you how much paper wealth to convert to bullion. We simply say consider your net worth and decide how much you want to “remove from the system” and allocate to physical bullion with no counterparty risk.

Then you could also consider splitting this amount into say, for example, possibly thirds. Grab a position if you don’t have any bullion, but keep some powder dry in case of a dip in prices. You can then also consider dollar cost averaging. Which is to buy on a set day of the month regardless of the price. Or every 2 months or 3 months or whatever your preference is and your budget allows. Overall this not only removes the emotion of buying but should give a decent overall entry price.

Here are a few of past articles that may be of some help if you want to look at timing your entry:
Understanding exchange rates when buying:
Some simple methods to determine lower risk times to buy:
Or if you prefer to watch and listen than read, here is the video version of this article:


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