What percentage of gold vs silver should I buy?

What percentage of gold vs silver should I buy?

Gold vs Silver Percentage

What percentage of gold vs silver should I have?

This really comes down to individual preference. We see people who either buy all gold, all silver, or a mixture of both in varying amounts. We’ve actually written two separate articles outlining some of the reasons for buying each metal that still apply today:

Why Buy Gold?

Why Buy Silver?

In the Why Buy Silver article we outline some of the reasons as to why silver potentially may have more upside than gold. Although history (including recent history in the past few years) also show that when both metals fall silver usually falls further than gold.

Plus check out this video for more on this topic:

Silver or Gold? Which Should You Buy?

Last month we also read an interesting article by Bron Suchecki where he analysed the performance of gold, silver and various combinations of the two. We can cut to the chase here and say that this shows that a 50:50 mix actually looks like a pretty safe bet over various time periods.


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