Once I’ve bought, where should I store my gold and silver?

Once I’ve bought, where should I store my gold and silver?

Nice work. It pays to think ahead about this. There are a number of options available. We detail a couple of the most common ones here on our Gold and Silver Storage page.

 We also cover various options in our free ecourse:


A common preference is to use one of a number of private vaults around the country. Drop us an email or go to our question page http://goldsurvivalguide.co.nz/ask-us-a-question/ and tell us whereabouts you live. We don’t want to know the street address! Just what city you are nearest and we can advise what options you have. Some people like home safes, although none of them are foolproof. Ideally go for one concreted into your floor if possible. Then there is always “midnight gardening”. As crazy as it may sound some people do still bury it.

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